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Learning Specialist - Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

  • 3 Sep 2019 2:33 PM
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    JOB TITLE: Learning Specialist – Shelter Program

    JOB SUMMARY: Supports the Learning Department by assisting in the development of new employees in Shelter program within the first 90 days of their employment as well as providing ongoing training and refreshers This includes but is not limited to, ensuring the implementation and documentation of all learning received throughout orientation. Bi-lingual (Spanish) a plus.

    REPORTS TO: Shelter Program Director.

    Section I. Expected Behaviors

    1. Standards of Conduct – You consistently demonstrate knowledge of, adherence to, and willingness to promote Devereux’s Standards of Conduct. As a servant leader of Devereux, you conduct yourself as a person of character and work as a compassionate collaborator, creating meaningful connections with other employees and those we serve, while respecting boundaries.

    2. Safety First - You follow our safety policies, procedures, and Center approved practices. You exercise good judgment when confronted with safety related decisions. You show the foresight of a servant leader by taking decisive action by demonstrating concern for the safety of our clients, consumers, community, yourself and others. You speak up and report when you identify practices that do not support the safety of clients.

    3. Mission Driven - You consistently demonstrate dedication to Devereux's mission and vision. You support Devereux's Philosophy of Care and work with others positively and in a caring and compassionate manner, demonstrating a passion for serving others (Person of Character). As a servant leader, you have a passion for serving others. You assess and try to improve how people experience our services, systems and processes.

    4. Leads with Moral Authority - As a servant leader, you have clear expectations and you hold yourself and others accountable for meeting high standards and report/raise concerns when you identify behaviors or practices that do not meet standards. You work diligently to achieve goals, minimize risk, and take responsibility and ownership of your own decisive actions, work product, and services provided. You demonstrate this by completing assignments on time, working independently, and by being dependable. In performing your work, you demonstrate patience and self-control. You are always en route, continually incorporating new innovations to advance our services, our industry, and the lives of those we serve.

    5. Ethical - You conduct business in a manner that adheres to established internal and external guidelines and regulations, and are regarded by others as one who will always "do the right thing." As a servant leader, you act with moral authority to show accountability and strive to meet the "Devereux Family Standard" and Devereux's Ethical Standards. You use Devereux's resources in a prudent manner. You are alert to potential risks, concerns, and violations, taking action to immediately report concerns to a supervisor or appropriate manager.

    Section II. Competencies

    1. Customer Service - As a servant leader, you put people first showing care and concern for all. You are viewed by others as professional, approachable, friendly, and helpful. You see yourself as the face, the reputation, and the integrity of Devereux. You demonstrate knowledge of your internal and external customers, and take steps to understand and address their current and anticipated needs. You follow up on your commitments and work to ensure the highest level of customer experience and satisfaction.

    2. Respectful - As a servant leader, you treat others fairly, consistently, and with dignity. You display personal and professional boundaries. You use positive and pro-social interactions. You work as a compassionate collaborator to express appreciation and resolve conflict constructively, directly, and professionally. You welcome and accept the differences in others and develop meaningful connections; you work well with others in a diverse environment.

    3. Team Focused - You understand your role on the team and contribute toward its success. You are a compassionate collaborator, placing the team's interests ahead of your own. You work collaboratively with others and actively seek input from others to arrive at a solution. As a servant leader, you bring new ideas, innovation, vision and energy to the group. You actively support team decisions once they are made.

    4. Capable Skilled Communicator - You demonstrate empathy, and readily share information or knowledge needed by others. You routinely promote open communication by listening to others, seeking and providing timely meaningful performance feedback. You offer sincere and specific praise. You effectively and appropriately convey your thoughts, both verbally and in writing, so that others understand. You use communication persuasively, and use technology effectively and responsibly, within policy. You offer praise to others.

    5. Positive Initiative - You lead and influence others by example. You take pride in your work, and demonstrate servant leadership as a systems thinker with a "can do" nimble attitude while completing assignments. When challenged with obstacles, you always consider the greater good. You see the big picture and are solution focused. You effectively manage unexpected events with foresight, and you act on opportunities to improve the services.

    Interested in applying, contact Kate Kandrick from the People Operations team at KKANDRIC@devereux.org

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