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  • Thu, May 24, 2018 10:34 AM | Anonymous member

    Summer might include travel plans, backyard BBQ's, and lazy days on the beach or by the pool. But taking a break from work doesn't mean you need to take a break from your own personal development. Join us as we host our first CLO Panel on July 25th, with four locally based, and national learning/people leaders to discuss how they're tackling today's biggest talent issues. Hosted by Gus Prestera - you'll get an opportunity to listen and engage with leaders who find solutions to organizational problems in order to drive results. . Information and registration on our website at Breakfast included. Discounted parking available. Plus, great views from the top of the Pyramid Club.

  • Sun, May 06, 2018 4:28 PM | Anonymous member

    So who's free on Saturday June 9th and wants to see the most dynamic, engaging, and thought provoking training leader in the Greater Philadelphia area? I know I do. Do you? If so, join us & the Philly chapter of ATD for a partnership on "Make Training a Want to, Not a Have to" with local guru and international leader Joe Urbanski, COO of Total Solutions Group. Joe's session will leave you rethinking everything you do in training and motivate you to understand learning from the learners' perspective. Not to mention, he could just be the most dynamic training facilitator you've ever seen. Information & registration at 

    Want a sneak peak? Then check out this clip from Joe at ATD's international conference in 2017! Show less

  • Thu, April 26, 2018 10:34 AM | Anonymous member

    Hey Folks....

    Can you believe it - in a few short days 2018 will be 1/3 over! Where did the time go? I wonder how those New Year's resolutions panned out for all of us. Hmm....Well when we kick-started this year at L&D Philly our message was simple - come out to a workshop or two and make an investment in your own professional development in 2018. Plenty of you listened to that advice. We've packed them in for great monthly workshops on Sales Enablement, two great sessions on Articulate Storyline, Micro-learning, and Design Thinking. And, a great all day bootcamp for beginners on Storyline. And we're about to do our 1-2 punch as part of Philly tech Week 2018.

    Oh - but we're not done. Not by a long shot... What else will flow from the tap in 2018? How about two great monthly workshops in the summer time, a fall dedicated to career management topics, a CLO Round-table with the cream of the crop, a Fall Networking Extravaganza, additional Professional Series Seminars and more. But don't just take our word for it. Check in with colleagues past and present, one of our Steering Committee Members or someone else active in the group to see how we're bringing the value and the learning for L&D people in Philly. And if you still don't believe us - go to the Publishing arm of ATD International. Look at the names of the best-sellers. Then peruse our website to see how many industry thought leaders we bring in. Boom-Chicka-Pop!

  • Thu, April 19, 2018 11:15 AM | Anonymous member

    Josh & John were lucky enough to represent L&D Philadelphia at the recent Mid New Jersey ATD Tech Showcase on April 17th. The annual event put on by the small, but fiercely independent chapter proves that a small group of committed individuals can accomplish a lot. Hosted by DeVry University, the even featured sessions with local leaders blazing new trails with technology, a host of vendors demonstrating their own tools and technology, and a peak into the future at DeVry's VR lab. Strengthening our group's bond with other local HR, Talent Management, Career Development, and L&D Group continues to provide great benefits to our members and we pledge to continue to do so.

    If you missed it in your inbox or spam folder, we highlighted the majority of our great events scheduled for the rest of 2018 as well as a plethora of upcoming events from our partner organization. Remember, as a member of L&D Philadelphia you get special access to events, discounted tickets, and a host of other great perks and benefits. Members should always log-in to the website to see information exclusive to them. IF you didn't receive our newsletter this week please reach out to us at or become a member today!

  • Sat, April 14, 2018 10:06 AM | Anonymous member

    We are proudly participating in Philly Tech Week for the 3rd consecutive year. For 2018, we have 2 great learning tech events:

    Event 1 - Saturday April 28th - 9am to 12pm - @TPM - Malvern PA

    "Designing Experiential Learning for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality"

    In this highly interactive workshop, you will have an opportunity to learn about and experience today’s leading Virtual Reality (Oculus Riff and HTC Vive), Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality (Microsoft HoloLens) technologies. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each, as well as potential use-cases that can achieve real business results.

    Using a real-life case study, we will break down the process of designing for virtual reality, from analysis through implementation.

    Event 2 - Wednesday May 2nd - 6pm to 830pm @Harrisburg University - 1500 Spring Garden Street

    Exploring the Possibilities of Real-Time Collaboration in a Virtual Landscape

    This interactive workshop will explore the possibilities of connecting learners from all over the world in a collaborative virtual reality (VR) landscape using devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We’ll demonstrate the technology, discuss design considerations and how to create engaging interactions, and allow time for a hands-on experience within the VR collaborative space.

  • Sun, April 08, 2018 2:52 PM | Anonymous member

    I wish I could say "Spring is in the Air". Mother Nature, though, seems like she doesn't want to stop her annual three to four month fling with Old Man Winter. Yet even as a chill lingers in the air a lot of great events run by our Partner Organizations will heat things up in the coming weeks. That includes:

    • Mid New Jersey ATD - Annual Technology Showcase on April 17th
      • 1pm to 6pm in North Brunswick NJ @ DeVry University
      • Sessions include Augmented Reality, Adaptive Learning, Integrating Mobile and more!
    • Also on April 17, the Leadership & OD SIG from ATD Philadelphia will host it's quarterly meeting - with this quarter's topic of "Talent Development's Role in Creating a 'Best Place to Work' Organization"
    • April 20th, the Philadelphia chapter of NSA will host "Fix Your Business Presentation Description" a in Plymouth Meeting
    • April 25th - Adobe will be holding it's east coast session of it's annual e-Learning conference in Washington DC.
    • Jump Start Your Job Search will hold it's spring event on April 28th in Wayne PA
    • Philly SHRM, Greater Valley Forge SHRM, and Delaware SHRM all have great events coming up from "Linking a Strong Organizational Culture to Strategic Outcomes" to "Painless Surveys: From Asking the Questions to Attacking the Issues".
    • Visuals for Change will host one of it's annual two-day visual design workshops on May 21st and 22nd.
    • Theresa Hummel-Krallinger's Meet the Author Series continues on the 2nd Thursday of each month with a special second session in May.
    Check out these events and more under our "Partner Events" section at
  • Thu, April 05, 2018 10:39 AM | Anonymous member

    Are you a founding member of L&D Philly that signed up when we launched this platform 16 months ago and since then let your membership lapse? Or are you a causal attendee of events that's not sure about the ROI of your membership?

    Well - instead of gushing on an on about the quality of our programs and the many perks of membership - let's give you some cold hard facts:

    • 15 - That's the number of published authors and leaders (through ATD press, Wiley, or other top publishers) we've had facilitate monthly workshops or or Professional Series Seminars in the past 2.5 years, in addition to local experts on topics such as storytelling, using humor in training, emotional intelligence, experiential training, and more!
    • $100s of dollars in a year. That's how much your membership can save you! From discounts on our monthly workshops and Professional Series Seminars, to discounted rates for events (some exclusive) with our partner organization. In fact, in three of our first four monthly workshops this year, discounted opportunities or giveaways were available at each single event worth at least $25. And in case you were wondering who some of our partner organizations are - here's a list:
      • ATD Chapters - Philadelphia, Mid-New Jersey, Eastern PA, Central PA
      • SHRM CHapters - Philadelphia, Delaware, Greater Valley Forge
      • PSPS
      • Philadelphia Chapters of:
        • National Speakers' Assocation
        • Society for Technical Communication
        • Association of Career Professionals
      • Philadelphia Area New Media Assoc. (Panma) 
      • Visuals for Change
      • The Millennial Summit
      • Philadelphia Articulate Storyline User Group
      • Jump Start Your Career
    • $1,000s of dollars you could save over multiple years. That's right - L&D Philly members get discounts on (and exclusive) access to non-accredited courses, workshops, forums, and events from both Drexel University's Goodwin College of Professional Studies as well as Harrisburg University and discounts on technical training classes from locally based Brookwood Media Arts.

    We could drone on and one about more reasons to join/renew today. But we figure, hit them in the wallet and see what happens!
  • Thu, March 29, 2018 11:58 AM | Anonymous member

    If you’re looking to refresh your strategies for supporting L&D, design thinking may provide just the infusion of energy that you need. Design thinking is what we DO as designers and strategists; and there are practices honed in the design thinking movement that can reenergize your creativity and enable you to craft novel solutions.

    In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, you’ll get a chance to play with the tools and techniques of design thinking and experience how they can invigorate your work. You’ll see how design thinking is more than a toolkit, though – it’s a mindset that can transform how you design and facilitate, and it’s an approach that improves the quality of your outputs. The workshop will help you to rediscover the joy of design.

    Through this workshop, you’ll be able to:

    • Transform your approach to assessment with empathizing
    • Generate and play with ideas to produce unique recommendations
    • Use rapid prototyping and iterating to hone your solutions
    • More deeply integrate design thinking into your standard processes

    Join locally based, but internationally recognize Catherine Lombardozzi - Founder of Learning 4 Learning Professionals as she leads the group down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City - better training!

  • Sun, March 25, 2018 4:30 PM | Anonymous member

    John admits that as personalities go, calling him a "planner" would hit the nail in the head. His colleagues call him the project manager of project managers. His girlfriend calls him skippy, but that's not important here.

    The rest of 2018 will deliver a boatload of great programming on top of what we already delivered in just three short months. Now that's news you can use.

    Topics include:

    A whole series of events around career management in the Fall:

    • Blowout Networking Event!
    • Resume & Profile Writing
    • The Job Search & Interview Process
    • Starting/Running Your Own Business - learn from the pros
    • Free/Lost Cost Resources

    Workshops on:
    • Design Thinking
    • VR/AR Development
    • Real-time Collaboration
    • Change Management

    A CLO Roundtable!

    Professional Series Events:
    • Storyline Bootcamp
    • Employee Engagement - Techniques & Strategies
    • Needs Analysis & Project Fundamentals
    And great partner events with:
    • ATD
    • Beacon
    • Association of Career (Management) Professionals
    • Meet the Author
    So stay tuned and be on the look out as we add events to the website. And as always, if you have questions, suggestions, ideas, or feedback - email us at
  • Wed, March 21, 2018 12:51 PM | Anonymous member

    Ready to Learn Storyline?

    Join us for a for a full day "Boot Camp" of training in Storyline 360!

    We will begin at the introductory level and continue through the use of layers and triggers. At the conclusion of this class, you will walk away with a complete training module with full content, graphics, audio narration, Knowledge Checks and an assessment. This would be an ideal means of building your portfolio and being better prepared for your next workplace or contractor interview.

    If you are ready to increase your skills and become a more qualified elearning designer and developer, then this one day course is for you. It’s time to make an investment in yourself! 

    Lunch & continental breakfast included
    Exercise files to be provided on the day of the event

    You must be able to download a free trial of Storyline or have it installed on your computer for the workshop.

    Please note - Storyline only runs on PC machines 

    (If you've previously downloaded a free trial of Storyline on your laptop, contact us and we may be able to have Articulate work with you to start a fresh trial!)

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